Contact Center Services

FIFO Tech contact center services, is one of the oldest contact-centers in Dhaka City, serving since 2004. Bangladesh has achieved significant responses from all over the world. FIFO Tech contact center services domestic and international clients. We use predictive dialer to manage our contact center.

Our contact center is located at the heart of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. Most of the domestic clients from all over the country are well connected to our Kawranbazar office.

Types of Contact Center Services Offered

  •  Inbound calls
  •  Outbound calls
  •  SMS blast
  •  Voice blast
  •  IVR

Why to choose FIFO Tech Contact Center Services

  •  High quality telephone and web-based customer service and sales operations
  •  Run time Quality Control
  •  Run time Feedback
  •  Run time check & balance
  •  Invest more time towards Quality tasks
  •  Intelligent Call Routing
  •  Readily Available Resources.
  •  Constant Coordination and Correspondence with immediate response time
  •  Coaching by Mentors
  •  Highly configurable CRM
  •  In house research experts