Marketing Services

Marketing Research

FIFO Tech has a research team of experienced and qualified personnel in the field of qualitative and quantitative research. Together with the in house marketing experts the research team designs the research models. Our clients find it very easy to communicate their requirements to us, as we are very experienced and we never seize to bring innovative ideas and solutions to our clients. We do large scale surveys for our clients. The survey questionnaire is prepared considering the requirements of our clients. Our reporting standard is very high, even though our reports and presentations are very easy to understand.

Tele Marketing

We have a well trained team of call center agents who can effectively pursue your customers and increase the revenue of your organization. Our marketing experts prepare each tele-marketing script together with our client. FIFO Tech ensures best customer treatment and great value to your money. After every tele-marketing campaign we provide automatically created calling report to our clients.

SMS marketing

Our SMS marketing campaigns would enable you to capitalize on the sms feature of the mobile and simply reach your prospective customers with a unique brand message promoting products and services offered by your organization.

SMS has remained the most popular communication media of all times. Billions of SMS'S are sent over the wireless carriers all over the world every day .With our SMS blasting service you could reach a mix bag of customers of different mobile carriers in Bangladesh. With an ever growing population of mobile users, there is lot that you could do to attract your customers.

Online marketing

With the high growth rate of internet users in Bangladesh, online marketing has become one of the most effective ways of reaching mass people. We have also equipped us with all the knowledge and expertise required for online marketing. Some of our lucrative online marketing services are as follows:

Email marketing

In this new era of marketing, email marketing allows us to directly reach our prospective customer. Through email marketing we can reach our customer with our branding and logo with absolute low cost thus adding value to our image whilst curtailing our cost involved in advertising our products and services. Attractive, responsive and informative e – eflyers and newsletters could deliver power packed messages to targeted audience that would eventually create many inquires and sales for your valuable products and services.

FIFO Tech possesses a data base of more than a million leads, which can be used to reach a million people at once through email marketing. We can also design your eFlyer with powerful and convincing messages. This would pave the way for you to include targeted email campaigns in your marketing mix.

SEO Services

We offer better SEO services than all over the world in affordable price. If you want to promote your company in online, we can give you the best support. We offer White Hat SEO services to our clients. In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies and techniques that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follow search engine rules and policies.