About Company

FIFOTech is one of the leading BPO service providers in Bangladesh. We provide a full range of IT/ITES services considering customer satisfaction. Our expert Business Process Outsourcing Solutions enrich the client’s company benefits and boost their business process. Being a member of the Bangladesh Association of Call Center & Outsourcing (BACCO), we provide flawless BPO services with our industry expertise and offshore liaison. We also tie up with our International Association Global BPO Alliance (GBA), to ensure maximum value, high quality, and low-cost Business Processing both inshore and offshore. We offer the best solutions across every department in your organization. Our Business Process Outsourcing portfolio includes end-to-end solutions in a customer-friendly and customized manner. With world-class infrastructure, FIFOTech is well equipped to deliver a 24/7 support system throughout the year.

Our Management

FIFOTech management team is one of the most diverse teams in the BPO industry. Their extensive and practical experience in the IT/ ITES and Telco Industry makes them highly capable of leading teams, developing and delivering our services and serving our clients really well.

FIFOTech management team helps our services attract and retain our customers. Their knowledge and experience come together to make a better customer experience. Our strong team of experts are highly professional to solve problems in a customized, efficient and accurate way and drive results for our client companies. Our dedicated & highly qualified team always offers integrity, transparency & superiority and helps customers achieving their goals on time.


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