Daily Sun || 6 November, 2020

Bangla included in global BPO services

Bangla language has been officially included into the global arena of business process outsourcing (BPO) as a Bangladeshi firm signed up with Global BPO Call Center Alliance, an international forum of call centre service providers. BPO is a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors, especially executed on the digital platform.

Under the agreement with GBA Platform, Bangladeshi firm Fifotech will provide call centre and back-office support globally targeting Bangla speaking people.

GBA member companies serve customers in 28 languages through call centre and back-office services converging 60 per cent of the global population.

Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar was the chief guest at the meeting while Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) former chairman Abdullah H. Kafi was the special guest at the meeting virtually held on Thursday.

Bangladesh Association of Call Centers and Outsourcing (BACCO) president Wahid Sharif, senior vice president Mohammad AbulKhair and general secretary Towhid Hossain, among others, joined the session.

FIFOTech will provide call centre and back-office services to Bengali customers in Bangla language from Bangladesh living in different parts of the world and Hindi language customers from Kolkata, India. In the meeting, Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said the Global BPO Alliance created an opportunity to provide BPO services to about 350 million Bangla- speaking people across the world.

Global BPO Alliance (GBA) is the world’s first and largest call centre alliance. GBA is working with the BPO sector in Asia, Europe and South America. Since 2002, FIFOTech has been working with utmost efficiency and reputation to meet the needs of local and international customers in the IT and ITS sector. Fifotech chief executive Towhid Hossain expressed hope that the alliance with GPA will create job opportunities along with chances to earn foreign exchanges for Bangladesh.

GBA Alliance has been formed to provide uninterrupted service to call centre and BPO customers in different parts of the world.  Currently, the alliance companies which have signed to work with GBA are FIFOTech from Bangladesh, Masterpiece Group Inc. of Japan, Beijing 95 TeleWeb Information Company Limited of China, Day Three Business Services of Malaysia-SDN BHD and other BPO ventures from different parts world.

GBA authority will arrange work for the member companies according to their needs and language by contacting companies from different countries of the world.

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